About us

Navigating the Christian walk in an ever-changing culture can be difficult.  From current events to theology and beyond, believers face tough topics and hard conversations every day. Even within Christianity, opinions vary from issue to issue. How do believers stay firmly rooted in their faith while examining the origins and implications of controversial topics and finding their own voice?

That’s where The Scroll comes in.

The Scroll provides a place to reflect on foundational truths — like those recorded on scrolls in the days of Moses, Joseph, and Jesus — and pull believers out of the world of comparisons and consumerism found during most scrolling today.


Disclaimer — While we work hard to ensure all content appearing on The Scroll is true to Scripture and fair in presentation, the content is considered opinion and each writer’s interpretation of the topic rather than official news reporting. Posts shared are intended for conversation purposes as we all work through and process life issues together. We encourage you to email us at info@the-scroll.com to share additional views on any topic covered as well as continue the conversation. We also encourage you to reach out to the leaders in your faith community to dive in deeper than we can in this format. Thank you for having the hard conversations with us.


Unless stated otherwise, all Scripture references are from the English Standard Version.

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