From time to time we have guests contribute to The Scroll. This is an archive of those articles.

On waiting

The application process is excruciating. I have been filling out applications and submitting resumes and interviewing since last October (first for Ph.D. programs, now for

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The Historical Jesus

Something that many conservative Christians are guilty of is losing the particularity of Jesus. What I mean by that is that we are content that Jesus

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Ascension Day

Yesterday (Thursday, May 14) marked the end of Easter season. It’s interesting that many American Protestant Christians don’t realize that there is a church calendar

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What is a Man?

For some reason this week the idea of manhood has crept up again and again in things that I have read and listened to. It

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On faith and works

One of my pet peeves with the way American evangelicals tend to talk about faith is our fear of works. We emphasize the fact that

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Tough decisions

I wrote a post earlier entitled Life Moves On that has a similar approach to this post. If you haven’t read it yet, or would

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In theology, there’s a concept called “already-not-yet.” It basically expresses a way of understanding the fact that the Kingdom of God has already been established

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Don’t be afraid of the end

I want to try to break down one of those theological words that seem so intimidating: Eschatology. Eschatology is doubly scary to most people because

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