Tough decisions

I wrote a post earlier entitled Life Moves On that has a similar approach to this post. If you haven’t read it yet, or would like to refresh your mind on what the post says, go check it out under the “By Hannah” category.

“The hardest thing about the road not taken is that you never know where it might have led.” – Lisa Wingate

The countdown is on. Less than one month before I leave the United States and travel to Spain with 24 other Samford students. While I’m there, I’ll take 4 courses and cut out a major chunk of required Spanish classes for my second major. I have wanted to go on this study abroad trip for the past two years. I really enjoy learning Spanish and I hope to come back from Spain with a greater understanding of the language and culture as well as a greater Spanish speaker.

The final confirmation from my parents that I would be allowed to go on this trip came on Christmas morning. Inside my stocking was a plane ticket that they had made that gave the announcement.

A few months prior to this, I learned that one of my best friends, Rebecca,Rebecca was engaged and I was unbelievably happy for her! She is 2 years older than me and this was the start of best friend weddings.

This Christmas, we went over to Rebecca’s family’s house to celebrate and eat dinner together. While we were there, she asked me to be her bridesmaid. Of course I said yes! But then she told me her wedding date. Right in the middle of my Spain trip. So I had a choice. Spain or participating in my friend’s wedding?

It was tough. I chose to spend this summer in Spain. And I know that this trip allows me to have the second major in Spanish as opposed to a minor that, hopefully, will allow me to become more employable when I graduate. But I’m upset that I’ll miss this wedding. Already she has had a bridal shower that I wasn’t a part of because I’m no longer a bridesmaid.

I’m not upset because I’m just not included in the fun. As I saw the pictures, my heart ached that I’m not able to be there for her like she’s been there for me as we’ve grown up together.

A part of me cringes when it comes to making these larger “either or” decisions. I mentioned in the Life Moves On post that my grandfather passed away a few weeks after a family trip that I did not go on because I chose to go to church camp that week. I assumed that I would just see him and everyone else the next summer. Although I feel like I made the right decision, my reasoning was flawed. And since that summer, I worry that I will make the wrong decision and either hurt myself or someone else in the process.

I pray for Rebecca daily as she prepares to marry her fiancé this summer. And I hope that I will be able to at least FaceTime her that day to wish her luck.

My best advice to anyone making decisions, big or small, is to pray continually. God will show you what the right decision is. And if there is something that you will miss out on by making the right choice, pray that He will guide you through it and that you won’t harvest bitter feelings against God or another person.

By Hannah


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