Supporting this year’s seniors

Last month, as a lot of schools across the country announced delayed, canceled or altered graduation plans, a Facebook trend popped up encouraging people to share their senior yearbook, prom and graduation pictures in support of this year’s seniors.

I don’t know how “supportive” it really was for seniors to see pictures of their relatives, church members and friends posting pictures of the things they were missing out on, but I’d like to think the intentions were good and that it did bring at least a little support and care.

So as students are finishing up, or have already finished up, their years in school, think of some other ways you could support them.

  • Schedule a parade with friends. Make signs to hold outside of the car and cheer for them as you drive by.
  • Send a card. It is so nice to get uplifting mail. And they likely won’t be holding any graduation parties where you’d normally bring a card. If you’re able to, of course, this would be a great time to include a gift card or money to spend on dorm furniture for high school graduates or maybe some apartment or office furniture for college grads.
  • Decorate their yard. Of course, make sure this is alright with parents or roommates, but there are a lot of companies that will decorate yards for birthdays, retirements, etc. or you can put up your own signs celebrating their accomplishments for the neighbors to see. 🙂
  • If you’re skilled with taking photos, arrange a front porch/front lawn graduation photoshoot with them, all while practicing social distancing.

And if you are a graduate this year, know we are all supporting and encouraging you. We understand this was not an easy time as you finished up school online and weren’t able to say goodbye to teachers, professors, counselors, faculty and friends the way you wanted or planned.

I hope you are finding ways to celebrate all the hard work you’ve put in through the years and all you have achieved. You have overcome a lot many others did not have to face – all on top of the whirlwind of the endings and beginnings that come with graduation.

And I wish you the best in your college courses, job search, settling into a new job or whatever your next step is. Congratulations class of 2020!


Hannah Muñoz is a regular contributor to The Scroll. She also is the digital editor for The Alabama Baptist/TAB Media. She graduated from Samford University in 2017 and is a member of The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham.


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