Colliding with grace

By Margaret, The Rope Editor

Things don’t always pan out the way you plan them. This is probably a good thing for me since I’m not the most inspired of planners, but it can be frustrating, bewildering and downright migraine-inducing when plans unravel.

There are times, however, when what you plan does unravel and the result is magnificent because only God can plan everything in the universe down to a flea’s fart and not miss a detail.

Case and point:

I was on my way to work recently and traffic was pretty heavy. I had woken up later than planned and it was raining, both of which invariably resulted in a horrendous hair day, which naturally resulted in an equally horrendous face day. Basically I was not starting my day off right.

As I was driving I looked down to pick up some coins that had been floating around my floorboard for about three days — because let’s face it, when’s a better time to clean up the car than when you’re approaching an intersection, right? Because of my impeccable timing and the light turning from green to red, I looked up just in time to really get to know the car in front of me.

So here I am, the cause of a fender bender and the “before” shot for every anti-frizz conditioner ad out there. As the accident victim and I pull into parking lot next to the road, I’m thinking, “Please, Lord, don’t let the damage be too huge — I just got my Dave Ramsey emergency fund up and I’m not ready to let it go!”

I was ready to beg for forgiveness from the other driver. I knew she had to be furious. After all, she was lawfully stopping at a red light when I decided that bumper cars should be taken out of the arcade — she has every right to be mad. So as I prepared to grovel for grace the driver got out of her car and … to my shock even now … she smiled at me.

As we examined the peeled paint and scratches that I had caused she was the personification of grace, constantly assuring me that it wasn’t a big deal and making sure that my car was okay. This, of course, only made me feel worse. I mean, why did I have to hit Glenda the Good Witch? Why couldn’t I have rammed The Wicked Witch of the West and given the old bat what she deserved?

Because then I wouldn’t have a life lesson to share with you. See, if I could have chosen who to get in a fender bender with (if I absolutely had to hit someone, that is) I probably would’ve chosen someone I didn’t like or thought deserved to have their day ruined by Uggles McUggleson.

That’s why God’s plans always trump my plans. He took a situation that is normally terrible and made it not only bearable, but actually enjoyable. Because He had me collide with this girl who embodied His grace, I now have a new friend.

We’ve actually decided to become friends regardless of whether we liked each other because everyone we knew was aghast at the fact that we didn’t get a police report done for the incident — something we didn’t do because we automatically felt a strange level of trust for each other. It’s a really good thing we do like each other, though, because being friends out of stubbornness can really wear on the nerves.

Maggie Evans is a regular contributor to The Scroll. She also is special assistant to the editor for The Alabama Baptist/TAB Media. Maggie and her husband, Sam, are members of Iron City Church, Birmingham.


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  1. You Know Who

    Your writing never ceases to amaze me. So darn talented. Hysterical and heartfelt.

  2. readontherocks

    Fleas fart? That must sound so very cute.

    1. theropetab

      It feel like it’s the world’s cutest sound that no one gets to hear. Poor fleas being under appreciated.

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