Coming in second

It’s that time of year…wedding season. I have never dreaded weddings quite as much as I do this year. It seems like every day I see another engagement on Facebook or hear about someone from high school who recently got engaged or married.

I am extremely happy for all of the people in my life who are getting engaged. And by “extremely happy” I mean I am 90% happy for them, 4% jealous of them and 6% dreading going to their weddings without a date.

Here is the thing about weddings, you are watching these two people commit their lives to each other, everyone is excited and in a good mood and everyone has love on the brain. So, while I love weddings for the most part, I do not enjoy all of my relatives or friends’ parents asking me if I have a boyfriend.

I didn’t particularly like it when I had a boyfriend, because the inevitable “you’re next” was in almost every conversation. I really don’t like it now that I am single because people just don’t quite know what to say.

“That will be you one day.” “Don’t worry, your time will come.” “You’ll meet somebody soon.” Those are just some of my favorites.

I have a total of four weddings so far this year. I am in one and attending three. One of the advantages of being a bridesmaid is that I don’t have to bring a date to that wedding because I will be so busy with the wedding itself.

My plan for the other three is to bring a good friend who I know I will have fun with and who won’t care if he knows the people getting married or not…because he won’t.

One of my best friends is getting married this summer. Earlier I said I was 90% happy for most engaged people, but I am 100%, without a doubt, so excited for her and can’t wait for this wedding.

She met her fiancé in college, so I didn’t see them together much since we went to different schools, but I talked to her all the time and had seen her in relationships before. There was something different about this one.

She is marrying a godly man. Someone who told her from the beginning that he wanted God to be number one in his life and if she had a problem coming in second then they weren’t going to work out.

He told her that he wanted God to be the center of their relationship and that they would pray for each other every night and if they got engaged they would pray together every night for the rest of their lives.

She told me all of this and I was amazed. I have never dated someone who didn’t believe in God, but I had also never dated anyone so passionate for God either. It wasn’t just that they went to church together or read their Bibles together, it was the fact that they actually discussed how God was moving in their daily lives. How He was speaking to them and that they were keeping Him in the center of everything they did that amazed me.

I have learned through watching her relationship progress that I want to strive for that kind of relationship. I am trusting that God created a man for me who wants me to come second in his life and who wants to be second in mine. It might not be the easiest thing in the world to wait for that guy, but I will trust in God’s plan for my future and I will keep praying for the patience to wait for the right man while I continue to strengthen my faith in God.

By Caitlin


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