Experiences good and bad

This weekend I will move into my fourth apartment in five years. Technically this is my first “big girl” apartment since the other three were ones that I lived in while I was at Auburn, but I am still to apartment life to say the least.

Each apartment brought with it new roommates and new experiences, some of which were the best of my life and some not so much.

Freshman year I lived with three other girls on campus. It was apartment-style living so I don’t even like to call it a dorm since I didn’t have to share a room and only shared a bathroom with one girl. I became close friends with the girl in the room next to me and we bonded over the fact that our other roommates seemed to be crazy.

The girl on the far side was never home. I’m not exaggerating. I saw her once the entire year. I have no idea where she was, she just wasn’t there. We were Facebook friends and over spring break she went to Europe. I had no idea until I saw the pictures! We would randomly pass each other on campus over the next few years and I am fairly certain she had absolutely no idea who I was.

The girl in the room next to her was from Colorado and Auburn was her first experience in the South. She ate Chick-Fil-A every day, was amazed we wore shoes everywhere and was completely baffled at the fact that we had paved roads and not more Mayberry-like. Needless to say she left in December because living here was too hot and nothing like she thought it would be. I haven’t talked to her since.

Sophomore year started out on a better note. I was off campus with girls I went to high school with but who were older than me, so I didn’t know them super well. It was enough to give me a sense of familiarity without having to live with someone I had known my whole life and possibly ruin our friendship.

They, however, had known each other their whole lives and had lived together for three years. Apparently the fourth year is the charm because there was a huge fight after Christmas, a lot of tension for the next several months and an ending without resolution. This means that when the three of us happen to bump into each other at home or at football games in Auburn it is extremely awkward.

Junior year was by far the best. I lived in the same apartment as the year before with one of the same roommates. Our third roommate was also someone from our hometown but who was even older so I didn’t really know her either. We got along great and the three of us were together constantly. Even when we went home we planned on doing things together and for the longer breaks we made sure we saw each other several times. I loved it.

Senior year I lived in a sketchy apartment, again with high school friends (do you see the pattern?). This time I did graduate with them and living with them was a struggle. We never outright fought, but there was noticeable tension. There was also a girl who did not go to high school with us and her and I were very close. She was not shy about letting the other two girls know that they were not her favorite. Again the tension was real, but I made it out alive.

Throughout all these experiences God taught me a lot. He put people in my life who were more sensitive than I am, meaning I had to learn compassion and patience. He put people in my life who were more blunt and aggressive than I am, meaning I had to learn when to stand up for myself and when to let things slide. He also put people in my life who I hope will be lifelong friends and I can’t imagine life without them.

I can’t wait to see what He does in this next chapter in my life. I am beyond thrilled with my roommate (who I did not go to high school with) and am so excited for this next apartment experience.

By Caitlin

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