It’s hard to be humble


GUWG-HumilityThe times in my life when I’ve been in jobs that seem below me, or have listened to people who seem plainer or dumber than me, or in places that seem completely irrelevant to me are probably the moments that have been the best for my overall transformation and sanctification. I’m my better self when I’m reminded that I am not better.

I hate being pitied or coddled. I’m easily annoyed by waiters who call me “sweetie.” I don’t like it when my car won’t start, and I look like the silly girl who doesn’t know anything.

The fact that I put so much weight into other’s perceptions of me is what makes me so NOT humble. I feel emptiest when I realize that my counterfeit greatness in another’s eyes is not just wrong but also unfulfilling.

True humility is always found at the foot of the cross. It’s also where I find true fulfillment and edification. I can’t attain perfection, no matter how many people (including myself) I can fool.

One summer I worked at McDonald’s. I expected to be bored a lot. To the contrary, it was fast-paced and the people I worked with were amazing. I prayed that God would soften my heart to love the people around me more. I only loved them more because He revealed more and more of my sinfulness in light of His perfection. It was easier to love other people when I understood that I needed that same kind of love.

No matter how hard we “try” to be humble, it just won’t hold without the humiliation of the cross.

By Rebekah


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