Time to pray

It’s back to school week! At least it is for my circle of friends and family. And I’m guessing that most other students and teachers are either already back or are going back shortly.

Of course, this year’s “back to school” is a lot different than any other year. It’s likely even pretty different from how the last school year ended because there’s been time for a bit more planning (even if it has been back and forth or you’ve had to wait until the last minute to find out what would happen).

Whether you’re in school, teaching or working in a school or daycare, have children or family in school, or know someone who is in any of those positions, it’s a really good time to focus your prayers on teachers, staff, administration, parents and students. Even if the administration has a fully thought out Plan A, B and C, there are a lot of unknowns that continue to dampen the excitement of the new school year and pose a lot of questions about how the year will go.

I made a prayer list for myself to follow along each day. You’re welcome to tag along, either by praying for everyone every day or by breaking it up and praying for one group of people each day of the week. Or create your own prayer list of those you feel led to pray for. But I hope you’ll join me in praying some way for those going back to school.

Pray for the administrators. They have spent the summer working hard, contemplating what-ifs and making plans just in time to change the plans. They’ve had to deal with teachers unsure about the next year, worried parents and, I’m guessing, some upset teachers and parents. As the year progresses, they are the ones who will need to decide what to change and when to change, and will be the ones who angry parents and teachers call when the change doesn’t benefit them. Pray for patience and wisdom in creating the plans and implementing them. Pray for patience when dealing with upset people. Pray for their health.

Pray for the teachers. They have spent the summer wondering what the new year would look like, if they’d ever get to meet their students in person, how to set up their classroom following specific guidelines or if they’ll even get to be in the classroom this year. Pray for teachers who wanted to return to the physical classroom and have been assigned to teach virtually, and pray for the teachers who wanted to teach virtually and were assigned to teach in the physical classroom. Pray for patience when dealing with students and parents during this unknown time. Pray for peace each day as they teach students who are still getting used to whatever version of school they’re doing. Pray for their health.

Pray for the students. They ended the last year so abruptly and their summer break was spent mostly at home. Some may have had a summer vacation, but some didn’t and now it’s time to go back to school with new teachers or professors and a lot of new rules. Pray for the students who wanted to go back to school in person and were assigned virtual classrooms and pray for the students who wanted to continue virtual schooling but were assigned in-person schooling. Pray for patience with the new rules and that the rules might change. Pray for students to learn how to care for others and make friends while following the new rules or while taking virtual classes. Pray for their health.

Pray for the parents. Some may have decided to homeschool and are now facing unknown territory. Some may be struggling with balancing their children being in virtual school and managing their own careers. Some may be working out internet issues or computer issues if they have several children doing virtual schooling. Pray for patience as they deal with rules and plans changing. Pray for kindness when they deal with administrators and teachers who are having to go through the same changes. Pray for wisdom as they lead their children either in their own classroom, guide them in virtual classrooms or send them to physical classrooms. Pray for their health.

Pray for the school staff. They have worked hard cleaning the schools, sanitizing desks and chairs and preparing for a vigorous cleaning schedule for the year, and likely even further in the future. Pray for patience as their work is increasing and as the current rules may change. Pray for their health.

Hannah Muñoz is a regular contributor to The Scroll. She also is the digital editor for The Alabama Baptist/TAB Media. She graduated from Samford University in 2017 and is a member of The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham.


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