Amy Hacker

Amy Hacker is a regular contributor to The Rope. She also is creative services associate for The Alabama Baptist/TAB Media. She attends the Church of the Highlands and has three children.

A rollercoaster ride

Jesus looked at the bigger picture. He knew Peter needed salvation and knew He was the only one who could provide it. Jesus’ view of this disappointing moment benefited Peter in a great way that completely changed his life. 

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Living a life of gratefulness

I love getting together with people — having a nice dinner, shopping, anything really. It’s a great distraction from all of the responsibilities of life.

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A lesson learned

Last Saturday, I decided my yard needed a bit of TLC, so I put on my work clothes and gloves and walked out into the

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A most difficult day

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity” (Prov. 17:17).  Recently, I had a very difficult day. That statement might

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In the stillness

I consider myself to be a pretty good multitasker. I’m usually at my best when there are many things going on and I have deadlines.

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The simple things

As a child of divorce, I have dealt with many tough situations in my life. I am one of three girls so my mom had

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The greatest gift

The holidays tend to be the busiest time of the year — unless you’re super organized and begin your Christmas shopping in January. But for

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What about faith?

Some of the most amazing stories we read in the Bible are about when Jesus healed people. He healed the blind, He healed people who

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