Jessica Ingram

Jessica Ingram is a regular contributor to The Scroll. She also is the event coordinator for The Alabama Baptist/TAB Media. She graduated from Mississippi State University in 2017 and is a member of The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham.

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

In our darkest nights of questioning and hurting, we must remember what God has done. God is faithful. He always has been faithful and always will be faithful. We have 66 books testifying to God’s faithfulness.

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A study of worship

One day, God will call His people home and we’ll stand before His almighty throne. We’ll worship Him with the angels. Everything on this earth will pale in comparison to the glory and honor due to our King.

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Just not enough time

Know that if you are feeling overwhelmed and tired, you are not alone. What’s important is that you are honest with yourself and are keeping the main thing (your walk with God) the main thing. 

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Another year down

Growing up has its benefits: more years learning about God, more years cultivating deep, godly friendships, more years finding your place in the world.

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Prioritize your life

If I’m not prioritizing my time spent in prayer, diving into the text, and considering the interpretations, implications, and applications of that week’s passage, then I won’t be prepared to support, encourage and learn alongside other believers.

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Re-experiencing Advent

If our all-sufficient Creator hadn’t come as a baby in a manger, there would be no sacrificial Lamb dying on the cross once for all.

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