J.D. Hall, pastor and founder of Pulpit&Pen, admits fabricating story about trans activist

Hall is known for his fiery attacks on preachers and authors he claims have become liberal.

A controversial Montana pastor who founded a conservative Christian polemics website has admitted to publishing a false story about a trans activist.

Jordan “J.D.” Hall, best known as the voice of the Pulpit&Pen, which was later renamed Protestia, was sued last year for libel after another one of his publications, the Montana Gazette, published a story about Adrian Jawort, a Native American activist. In that story, Hall had called Jawort a “transvestite Goth” and accused Jawort of threatening a state senator.

As part of a settlement, Hall admitted the story was fabricated and apologized, according to the Great Falls Tribune. The libel suit was dismissed, with the agreement Jawort will be able to make a claim of $250,000 against Hall, who is currently in bankruptcy.

‘Regret the error’

Hall also posted a note on the Montana Gazette website.

“I apologize to Adrian Jawort,” he wrote. “The information I published about Adrian was false. Adrian did not threaten or harass Senator Butch Gillespie. I regret the error and sincerely apologize to Adrian for publishing it.”

Hall, who has spent years warning that liberals were taking over the Southern Baptist Convention and other evangelical churches, was arrested in mid-May on DUI and weapons charges. He has pleaded not guilty to those charges and has claimed he suffers from a vitamin deficiency.

‘Stain of rumor’

After his arrest, Hall offered to resign as pastor of Fellowship Baptist, according to a statement posted on the church website May 16, for “bringing the stain of rumor upon the church.”

The church rejected his resignation but announced it has put Hall on leave for three months and he cannot return to the pastorate without the approval of his wife.

“The congregation spoke openly to assure Pastor Hall he should not be ashamed, that we do not care what the world thinks, as we know the truth,” the church said in a statement.

EDITOR’S NOTE — This article was written by Bob Smietana, and was originally published by Religion News Service.


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