Featured resources for April

Word of the Week — Feed on God’s Word mid-week by listening to sound biblical sermons selected by The Gospel Coalition editors.




Living Single — Living Single with Yana Jenay is a podcast all about singleness. Not dating or how to prepare yourself for marriage but how to LIVE single. Though the culture (church culture included) has convinced us that marriage and romantic love is the pinnacle of life, in this podcast, Yana Jenay shares how her faith in Christ has caused her to embrace a new narrative. Her hope is to move the conversation about singleness past contentment to celebration and create a movement of #notthirsty singles.



The Alternative by Tony Evans — The Urban Alternative is the national ministry of Dr. Tony Evans and is dedicated to restoring hope and transforming lives through the proclamation and application of the Word of God.




The Two TestamentsA guided journey through Scripture with Rony Kozman and Will Kynes. We interview scholars to discuss the meanings of verses, passages, and books of the Bible. Think of us as an audio Bible commentary—but more exciting!




Family Discipleship — Imperfect parents having conversations about the critically important and mostly ordinary work of leading at home.


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