Featured resources for January

Here are your featured resources for January!

Tiny Theologians — This adventure podcast for kids is fun, upbeat, and rich with biblical theology. Each week, kids can join TJ and Tory as they adventure through the attributes of God. Each episode features one letter of the alphabet and the corresponding attribute of God from our best selling card set, the ABCs of God’s Attributes.


Java with JuliJoin clinical psychologist Dr. Juli Slattery as she gets to the heart of what the Bible says about sex, singleness, marriage and intimacy. A ministry of Authentic Intimacy.




Good Faith — Join host Curtis Chang and his friends as they follow Jesus and make sense of the world. With expertise, thoughtfulness, and humor, they discuss how Christian faith intersects with culture, politics, work, entertainment, and other aspects of life. Good Faith is produced by Redeeming Babel. Good Faith is ranked in the top .5 percent of all podcasts.



Ministry Misfits — More and more we are hearing about pastors and ministry leaders that feel like they just don’t fit the mold of what American Church culture expects them to be, expects them to look like, preach like, and even think like. We wanted to make a podcast for ministers dealing with the current social and cultural issues here in the US and the Church. We will look at these things through CSRM’s 3 tier paradigm of Theological Truths, Philosophical Principles, and Methodological Models. Hopefully, to help us all regain perspective and regain some sanity.


Theology in Pieces— Join Slim Thompson, Malcolm Foley and many more to discuss and ‘Apply the Gospel’ into little bite sized pieces every week. email hello@theologyinpieces.com to ask questions or reach out.


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