Allow me to introduce myself

Since I’ve been writing some of these blogs for you to read, I thought it was time that I properly introduced myself.

My name is Jessica Ingram. I am 23 years old and last May I graduated from Mississippi State University with a bachelor’s degree in English. I graduated from Pinson Valley High School in the Birmingham metro area. I currently attend The Church at Brook Hills and live in the Birmingham area. Since you read a lot about what I struggle with, I thought I could tell you some less serious things about myself.

I’m a southern girl through and through. I love football, baseball, basketball, sweet tea, grits, biscuits and gravy, Dr. Pepper, barbeque and pimiento cheese.

A few of my other favorite foods are pizza, macaroni and cheese, bacon, peanut butter, queso dip and desserts (literally all of them).

I love to read. I love mysteries and thrillers and young adult fantasy/adventure. A few of my favorite books/series are Nancy Drew; Harry Potter; The Hunger Games and The Good Daughter.

I also love television and Netflix. I watch a ton of crime shows (I literally mean a ton — you should see the schedule I drew up on my computer so I can make sure I don’t miss any of them). I also love any kind of drama television: political, medical, fantasy, all of it.

I’m a born and bred Auburn girl and after 4 years as at Mississippi State I’m now also a Bulldog (as is my family thanks to me) which creates a sticky situation several times a year.

I love to travel. I haven’t made it very far out of the country (just the Caribbean on cruises), but I dream of exploring the world one day. I have, however, visited 35 out of the 50 states and have plans soon to knock a few more states off the list.

I love live music and concerts. There’s just something about live music that soothes my soul and makes me happy in a way that nothing else does (not even food which is shocking).

Finally, I love dogs. I love all dogs, but I only want to own big dogs. I love labs, shepherds and retrievers. One of my current life goals is to move into a house of my own just so I can get my own dog.

Well … that’s a little bit about me and I hope you enjoy reading the blogs. We would love to hear your feedback, questions and anything you want to see featured on the blog.

“… but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31, ESV)

By Jessica

Jessica Ingram is a regular contributor to The Scroll. She also is project manager for TAB Media Group. She graduated from Mississippi State University in 2017 and is a member of The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham.


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