Dear Freshman Drew

Dear Freshman Drew,

Four years have almost come and gone, and guess what: We’re about to graduate! There were definitely times when we didn’t know how or when it would happen, but rest assured it is about to take place.Before we walk across that stage in a few weeks, I wanted to give you a few pointers for how to make college a little more enjoyable:

1. MAKE A LIST OF YOUR DREAMS. I know you’re already a great list maker, so this one shouldn’t be too difficult. Don’t be afraid to dream big and write everything down. Afterwards, pray over the list that you would be able to surrender these dreams to the Lord and allow yourself to follow His plan (even if those plans do not include all of those dreams). After you do this, show your list to a mentor (Chad will be great) and let him help you figure out a game plan for achieving these dreams. Then, pull out the list each semester to update it and comment on the Lord’s provision.

2. LET PEOPLE INTO YOUR LIFE. Trust is sometimes a hard thing for you to do because you’re scared of what people might think, but don’t let this fact stop you. Pray that the Lord will lead you to people who can love you and whom you can love. Christ created these people, so treat them with love (even when you don’t want to do so). Life is much better when you have people in your corner to help carry your burdens. Allow yourself the time to do that for others as well.

3. DAILY PUT YOUR MOTIVES IN CHECK. Sometimes you get a little carried away because you want to be noticed and rewarded, but this sometimes opens the door to greed, selfishness, envy, and lust. Make it your continual prayer that the Lord would break your heart for what breaks His and that you would wish to serve selflessly as Christ did before you. Awards are nice, but they’re temporary. Stand firm on Christ’s foundation as your identity instead of that trophy you so desperately desire.

4. LET YOUR YES BE YES. You’ll soon learn that an easy answer to a teacher’s question is “It Depends.” Our world is becoming so much grayer and relative to the situation. While there may be some merit to that argument, I encourage you to be absolute in as many areas as you can because of your commitment to Christ and studying His Word. If you do this sooner, then you won’t bend with the wind when trials and tribulations come your way. You will have more strength than I did to turn and flee Satan. In everything that you do, be a follower of Christ. It will be easy to live a double life, but trust it when I say that it won’t be long until it catches up to you.

I hope you find encouragement from this letter and are not overwhelmed by the coming years. College is a wonderful place where you’ll meet some many wonderful people and have the opportunity to serve a wonderful city and school. I pray that you will never walk away from Our Father who so desperately loves you. Stand firm and trust that He will never leave or forsake you.

In Him,

Senior Drew


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