Guest Contributors

From time to time we have guests contribute to The Scroll. This is an archive of those articles.

Reflect the Son

This summer, I was selected to serve as a Cabin Leader at WorldSong Missions Adventure Camp. Of course, the summer didn’t turn out as planned

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Seeking guidance

Trusting in God for these big, important, life-altering decisions is really hard and takes some getting used to. As a child I didn’t ask God

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The unexpected answer

There are lots of verses in Hebrews 4 that stick out to me. You know them: the one about the Word being living and active

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The one thing needed

If you were to ask me on any given day how my day was, nine times out of ten my response would probably be busy. Class

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Moving beyond regret

It was 5 a.m. I had been awake all night. There’s something about a quiet, dark room. It makes all of the thoughts inside your

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Slowly fading

It replays over and over again. Why can’t I just turn it off? It’s not who I am now, so why do I still feel like

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Trust the anchor

  In times of transition, the storms of life seem to swell. The two seem the to go hand-in-hand. By what power do we overcome

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