God of the impossible

Life is hard.

I’ve worked diligently for 3 years towards one goal. I desperately want to continue my studies in a doctoral program after I graduate with my master’s degree. I’ve sacrificed a personal life with friends, time with my wife, and fun time in order to pursue this dream. Over the past two weeks I have received rejection after rejection to these programs. I applied to 8 and I have 6 rejections. It’s not looking great for me at this point.

I suppose there’s technically still hope for the last 2 programs. It really only takes one acceptance, right? But I think that, deep down, I’ve already given up. I know that I won’t get into a program. I’ll certainly try again next year, but this year I’m really hurting.

Part of my fear is that I spent the first 9 months of marriage unemployed. It was the worst 9 months of my life. I had just graduated college and lived in a small town with no job market to speak of. Now that my post-graduation plans have totally fallen through, I’m facing the prospect of a year with potentially no job. As of right now, I have no prospects and no way forward.

But I know my God.

This is the God who has provided for my family over and over again. This is the God who made a way for Israel at the Red Sea when there seemed to be none. This is the God who took on flesh and died for us.

Our God is the God of the impossible.

It’s so easy not to trust in him. It’s so easy for me to just assume that I’m doing everything on my own power. But that’s so untrue.

I guess this post is less for all of our readers and more for me. Remember that God fights for you. Remember that he makes a path for you when there isn’t one. Remember that God is the God of the impossible.

By Timothy


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