Secret Church: What is it, and why should you should do it?

Looking for a way to dig deeper into the word of God? Look no further than David Platt and Secret Church. If you find yourself longing to dive into Scripture but need a guide, this is the study for you.

This past summer I sat through my first Secret Church and I don’t know why I’ve gone this long without ever watching one before.

According to, “The idea behind Secret Church comes from time David Platt spent teaching and ministering among underground Asian house-churches. Due to hostility from the government, from the surrounding community and even from their own family, many of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world are forced to gather in secret, sometimes at the risk of their lives.

“The plight of our persecuted brothers and sisters also explains why prayer for the persecuted church is a major part of every Secret Church gathering. We remember those who cannot meet openly, asking God to sustain their faith, to change the hearts and the actions of their persecutors, and to use their witness for the spread of the gospel.

“We realize that each Secret Church study contains too much biblical teaching—over four hours worth! — to digest in one sitting. That’s one reason we make it available to study in bite-size segments at However, this deluge of teaching is meant to remind us of the hunger for God’s Word that exists among many underground churches around the world.
“With few opportunities to gather and little access to biblical teaching, our persecuted brothers and sisters may meet for eight to twelve hours at a time simply to sing, pray, and study God’s Word. This God-centered focus is a helpful corrective to the desire for entertainment that characterizes many church gatherings in the U.S.”

I’ll admit I was intimidated by the idea of a four-hour Bible study, but honestly, it flew by. The way that Platt dives into Scripture is remarkable. David Platt is a gifted preacher and the content is so deep and interesting. I don’t think there was even one doodle on my notes, which is impressive because I’m a doodler. And for those that can’t (or don’t want to) sit for four hours, the studies are broken down into shorter sessions. (And you can always pause the video whenever you like.)

Whether it’s learning how to study the Bible, surveying the New Testament or studying demons and angels, you will not regret the time you spend with Secret Church. So grab a computer, download those notes, stock up on snack foods, curl up in a comfy spot and get ready to spend time in God’s word.

Secret Church 19, “Prayer, Fasting and the Pursuit of God,” will be April 26, 2019.
To find all the past Secret Church recordings and notes, visit

Jessica Ingram is a regular contributor to The Scroll. She also is project manager for TAB Media Group. She graduated from Mississippi State University in 2017 and is a member of The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham.


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