Trust the anchor


c2210374dc28a48baa68fb278cc67e0fIn times of transition, the storms of life seem to swell. The two seem the to go hand-in-hand. By what power do we overcome these storms? How do we survive when turmoil begins?

A few months ago I ended a relationship that had been a blessing to me for over two years. The split was not due to anything unhealthy between the two of us; it was simply seemed that it that the Lord was leading each of us in directions that led us apart.

Although this was done healthily and prayerfully, this was a storm to my heart. It was not the biggest storm I have had in my life, but it was a storm nonetheless. And without the stability I found in the Lord that pain would have been debilitating. The following verse taught me this stability.

“We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place” Hebrews 6:19  (ESV)

You will love and lose and love and gain; seasons will come quickly and flee accordingly. Believer, through it all, where is your soul anchored? Better yet, what or who is your soul’s anchor?

It matters little where you are anchored — whether that be the calm estuary or the turmoil of the open sea — so long as your anchor holds fast to the seafloor you too will hold.

So, who is your anchor? Is it those around you living in the same linear time? Men make poor anchors, friend; I have seen the most seemingly strong believers laid low and proved wayward.

Understand, they have inherited the same sin nature as you, and men are more likely to be waves determined to toss your ships to the rocks than anything else. Even the most loving of brothers is but a crew member in the same storm-riddled ship as you.

So, who is your anchor? Is it men or is it the One who enters into the inner place to plead your case with His own blood. His scars are evidence of His love and your eternal security.

Hold fast, trust the anchor. Let the love of Christ be the rope that binds you to it. In trial and pain, in peace and healing: Trust the anchor.

By Adam


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