Vicarious Majesty

Meteora, Greece. Age 15. While serving on a short term mission trip, we visited the monasteries in the sky on our day off.  It did not take long before I knew this would be my most favorite place in the world, for I had never seen the glory of God like when stepping foot onto the terrace of a 700 year old monastery looking over the city of Kalambaka. Upon departure, I knew I would be back; I just did not know when.

Seven years later. Age 22. I finally found a way back. My school takes a trip to Greece every other year, so I started planning during my freshman year. The anticipated day had finally come to walk around the monasteries.  The sun started to set just as we began to leave, so I climbed up some rocks to get a better view. When I did this, I saw the sun shining behind my friends as they experienced this sight for the first time. They were amazed just as I had been seven years before. In this moment, we were able to soak up the majesty of creation of the One who created us.

By Abigail Dorman

Vicarious Majesty


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