James Hammack

James Hammack is a regular contributor to The Scroll. He is the digital services manager for The Alabama Baptist/TAB Media. He also serves as worship pastor at Sovereign Grace Church, Prattville. He and his wife, Alicia, have three children.

Laboring well

When we live our daily lives for the sake of Christ’s Kingdom and we are motivated by the joys of being invited to join in on God’s timeless work of redemption and displayed glory, what can damper that?

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God with us forever

So when Christmas comes, may it be a reminder of His presence. And when the holiday concludes, may the Lord keep His presence on the forefront of our hearts and minds so much so that we approach New Years differently than the world around us. Let’s plan and pray and think and hope with the presence and glory of God in full view. 

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Truth in Love

When the truth of God and love of God collide in the hearts of men, enemies dissolve and hearts are changed.

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Created with purpose

We were created specially by God for the sake of God’s own pleasure, and with that comes the greatest joy of being found in a specific and close relationship with Him.

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